Radio silence and news about Insecurity

lock as symbol for Privacy and General Data Protection RegulationI am astonished to see that the last post here is from January 2017. Fair enough I suppose given what has been happening with this “new” research project since then. The “new” research project described in the blog’s précis has become an “old” research project. Since that last post, I finished the manuscript for a book titled Insecurity: Perils and Products of Theatres of the Real. The book has passed all the peer review stages and received funding from the national Awards to Scholarly Publishing Program funded by CFHSS. It is now undergoing copy-editing and all being well it will be a “real” book in early 2019 — published by University of Toronto Press. So that is my excuse.

What comes next is hard to say? I have some preliminary thoughts. And a blog is a great place to let those thoughts percolate. So perhaps there will be fresh posts about my usual obsessions — realness, metatheatre, theatricality, performativity, and Canadian dramatic performance — sometime soon. Blogging is a great summer pastime. I hope people will stick around for that.

In the meantime, let me direct you to the next issue of Canadian Theatre Review, issue 175 on “Post-Truth” edited by Barry Freeman and Matt Jones with articles by Kelsey Jacobson, Derek Gingrich, Ariel Watson, Richard C. Windeyer, Francois Jardon-Gomez, Ash McAskill, and Lindsay Nixon. The script for the issue is Theatre Conspiracy’s Foreign Radical. (Which means I am going to have to change all my page references in the chapter in the book where I talk about Foreign Radical now that the script is published. Dang!)

Yours in post-reality,



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